Still Fighting Two Pandemics

Let us not forget that we are fighting two pandemics. Racism as a public crisis that has spanned centuries and most recently, Covid19 are the two pandemics. As we continue to fight for human rights which are equal rights and equal access let us not forget that we are still in the fight of our lives against Covid19.

We are not out of the 1st wave. More people, who are young and old, are being admitted to our hospitals with severe covid19. This is happening all over the U.S. Please continue to wear a mask, socially distance yourself when possible (I know it’s difficult in protests), wash your hands and wipe down frequently touched surfaces.

Be respectful of the level of exposure you give to those who immunocompromised and get tested if you have symptoms or believe you been exposed.

Go to your department of public health’s website.

Go to for testing sites.

Go to CVS minute clinic for free drive through testing, while it lasts.

#Covid19 #racism

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