STD's, Social Media and HipHop College Tour

This past school year was a great success as we spread the word about how today's culture of heavy social media influence, musical influence and our personal interactions truly affect the way we take care of our health. In addition to understanding sexual health, we really need to take a closer look at what we listen to and what we click on (IG) and what we stare at everyday. There are tons of sexual imagery bombarding us daily and praise of sex and drugs in songs we enjoy. Somehow we don't think that this can affect our choices or how we engage with one another? Think again. Instagram can be bait, sexual innuendo laced music can be the soundtrack and a STD can be the result for many!

I enjoyed speaking with students from Tennessee State University, Morgan State University, Fisk University, Clark Atlanta University, the lovely ladies of Spelman and even panel discussion at Morehouse College about this very topic. We will continue to tirelessly spread the word and try our best to stop the spread of sexual disease! We are Heartbeats & HipHop, Inc. We do this in the memory on Easy E , who died of AIDS related illness.


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