HeartBeats and Hip Hop, Inc 


      We are a non-profit organization, 501(c) (3), that seeks to erase health disparities in urban communities by using the culture of hip hop. I grew up as a hip hop head. It is has been a part of how I have seen the world. It is how I have learned certain historical facts. (KRS-ONE) Hip hop is the way I have learned about what is going on in someone else's hood, whether it be in the 3rd ward or Soweto. Hip hop is the not only the language of us as young people but it is now a language spoken around the world!



    So why can't hip hop be used to reach people and connect those who serve to those in need? Gun violence is not the only thing killing men, women and children in the hood. It is also our diet. Salt, sugar ,fat and lack of exercise are  harming our people. As a physician, I see it all too often. This must stop but how can it if no one takes the time to educate others about what we are all putting in our bodies?


    We at HeartBeats and HipHop, Inc. are a group of like minded medical professionals, artists, and hip hop conoisseurs. We care and we seek creative ways to serve and educate our community.


We must give back y'all! ONE BEAT AT A TIME!!


With Love, 

Dr. Khaalisha Ajala, MD, MBA  aka DJDocBintu

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