Salt? Friend or Foe ... Put the salt down man!!!

August 29, 2014

   NBC News takes a look at the myths surrounding salt in our diets. Many Americans consume too much sodium on a daily basis. Salt is in the fast food we eat, the snacks we love and even in the organic foods we purchase from our favorite health food stores. Be careful about what you eat. Read the packages and look at the ingredients on the back. Sodium comes in milligrams. For instance, ramen noodles have almost 1000 mg of sodium. WTH?? The daily recommended intake for an adult is 2000mg to 2400mg or less. That is just wrong! However, your favorite kale chips might have the same sodium content. Your favorite restaurant might drench your favorite pasta or organic soup in SALT! Why is this important? Salt can lead to water retention, high blood pressure, heart failure and stroke! Cut back. 


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