Dedicated to my people who drink way too much... Kendrick Lamar: "Swimming Pools"

August 29, 2014

  In the spirit of One Music Fest (Sept. 13, 2014), which is coming to Atlanta in 2 weeks, I had to post one of my favorite emcees. Kendrick Lamar writes from personal experience. Sometimes his lyrics are socially conscious but laced over a dope beat. 


  From a medical stand point this song "Swimming Pools" is very relevant to what I see everyday. If I see another young black male with yellow eyes and a round belly I am going to scream. You have seen that look too, my friends. More than likely that is the manifestation of liver cirrhosis. What does that mean? It is when your liver starts to malfunction over time as the alcohol that is consumed ruins it, likely permanently. Growing up many of us had that one uncle that had one drink too many. However, did you think of when he started to pick of the bottle? He was probably young. Many people pop bottles every weekend but that can become a daily habit for some. Be careful about your consumption. Binge drinking or drinking alcohol daily, whether it be beer or hard liquor is NOT HEALTHY!! Talk to someone! Driving under the influence is... NOT HEALTHY!  Text Uber ! Enjoy the video tho! 

-DocBintu / Dr. Khaalisha Ajala, MD, MBA 

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